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Long Time no Update

| Monday, May 7, 2012
I have been extremely busy with Bel magazine these past couple of days as well as being on deviantART- adding artworks and the like.

Do I have time for a personal Blog? Of course I do!

I will try my best to update more often- A-Frique 3D has been a journey and a half and I will strive to make it continue.  I will try and add more updates on this blog but the Facebook page has been very active. Follow A-Frique 3D there for the latest news.

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The State of 3D: Ten Years Later - Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

| Wednesday, October 26, 2011
The State of 3D : 10 years later

Ah- what a nice title for a post- but what is the purpose of an article like this? Is it to talk about the ins and outs of technology- the advancements in processors, how 3D has lost 'its soul' or perhaps to celebrate the fact that for 10 years we have traveled very far sideways but not as far forward as we think?

I would say - a bit more 'No' than 'Yes' in response to the questions above. For one thing- we have seen the progression of 3D from a professional environment to being applied in a more domestic setting. Software such as DAZ Studio, Poser and Bryce have moved what used to be the professional's salary-earning project to something even a hobbyist can dabble in. 

3D Animation is now more common place on our big screens and small screens. 3D models are used in all sorts of areas- from fashion design to well orange juice-advert design.  So we ask again- what is this article really about?

Final Fantasy: Spirits Within - A brief introduction

Read Bel Magazine Online!

| Tuesday, August 23, 2011
 Bel Magazine is now available online.
You can read Bel Magazine here on Mental Nshima! Just check out our monthly showcase section.

Bel Magazine First Issue FREE NOW AVAILABLE

| Saturday, August 20, 2011
Bel Magazine First Issue Free!!
Attention! All BelBel and Chibibel users ( and others who are interested)

Bel Magazine First Issue + Exclusive Content Pack is now available for you to download for free.
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Required Products/Software: Chibibel, a program that read .pdf files, Poser 6+ or DAZ Studio.

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